We at INTEGRATED WELL SERVICES provide safer and more efficient well services, through the implementation of advanced technology and automation.

Coupling our experience and knowledge with current innovation has  proven to allow IWS to provide the faster, safer, service to our customers that today's market demands. IWS has experience to match every environment from North Slope of Alaska, frozen farm lands of North Dakota to the windblown plains of Wyoming and Colorado. Integrated Well Services has the record to back our claim that we are one of the last true service companies out there. At IWS we remember and still believe that customer satisfaction is paramount to our success and survival.

Swab Rigs

Hopper swab rig on a Mack Carrier

16,500' of 9/16" sand line 

Workover / Completion Rigs


National 5C 500HP 104' 250,000 # Mast

16,000' of 9/16" Sand Line ~ Band brakes with Hydrotater


Rig Works Mustang 550,108' 275,000 # Mast

16,000' of 9/16" Sand Line ~ Band brakes with Hydrotater 


Hopper GXXTA 500 HP 96' 265,000 # Mast

16,000' of 9/16" Sand Line ~ Band brakes with Hydrotater 

Rig package includes: Pump, Tank with 200' certified hard line, cat walk 1 set of pipe racks, base beam, all handling tools for 23/8 - 27/8 tubing and 5/8 - 1" rods. 

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